1. How many photos will we get?

Weddings: 500-900+

Sessions: (depends on session purchased) usually 30-100+

2. How much is a Travel fee?

Travel fees depend on the location of the wedding. We love destination weddings though - so we try and keep it as low as possible.

3. When will we get our photos?

Weddings 4-6 weeks (but we try sooner)

Portraits (2-3 weeks)

4. What should wear at our session?

Dress in whatever makes you happy but we do suggest to leave your matching clothes at home.

Bring a few outfit changes too.

5. How do we book?

Wedding: First contact us via our "Contact Us" section or email (sydneyleighc@yahoo.com)  We will be able to see if your wedding date is open and then you can pick the package you'd like to purchase for your wedding day.  Once we are able to lock down your wedding date - we will ask a few questions for your contract. We also like to meet for a complimentary "Meet and Greet" to discuss the details. A contract will then be sent, we will meet to discuss details and the deposit is made at that time.

Sessions: Send us a message and we can discuss dates, type of shoot, and other details.

6. What time of day is best for shooting?

Every season brings different lighting situations. We will base the time on your shoot depending on whens it's booked.

7. Where should we order prints?

We suggest mpix.com, shutterfly.com and artifactuprising.com.